A Tailgating Essential – The Pop Up Canopy Tent

I must admit, we are in one of my favorite times of the year. As we move into late fall and temperatures are slowly dropping and leaves are changing color; I’m spending less time mowing the grass and more time watching football on the weekends. This time of the football season is my favorite. Teams are jockeying for position in their conferences and every game at this point matters. As most of us enjoy the games from the comfort of our own homes, for some daring fans watching the game on the couch isn’t good enough. They’ll pay a crazy amount for tickets, bundle up in 3 layers of clothes and head out to watch their favorite team in person. I’m one of them. My wife and I recently attended an NFL game, and I was quickly reminded why I enjoy coming to games in the first place. The energy of a filled stadium with our fans yelling during the good and bad easily surpasses the feeling of numb fingers and feet. But just as fun as the game is, I think I enjoy tailgating just as much. The endless food platters, coolers filled to the top, yard games all over the parking lot, and just the general atmosphere of spending time with friends, family and fans. Along with all the aforementioned tailgating necessities, the biggest things fans can do to enhance a tailgate is set up a pop up canopy tent. I wanted to make this post because after attending a game, I realized there are some big advantages to bringing a canopy tent to a tailgate and I wanted to pass this along to potential game day fans. After we got home from the game, we researched all the specifications of the most popular 10×10 shelters to bring to you the best pop up canopy tent for tailgating.

One of the most underrated reasons to have a pop up canopy tent a tailgate is that they provide a physical boundary to part of your tailgate. Parking ushers typically jam cars as tightly as possible in the parking lots without any space in between. It makes sense, with only so many spots and a sold out stadium they need to make sure everyone has a parking spot. Any everyone wants more space than the width of their car for tailgating, which results in fans overrunning their allotted space and encroaching on their neighbor parked next to them. A canopy tent allows you to mark your territory to help prevent losing your precious tailgating real estate. Throw the grill and food tables and a few chairs under the pop up canopy and you’ll find you have much more space than you otherwise would. The second reason to bring a tent is arguably the most important; they provide one of the cheapest and most effective insurance policies for any tailgate. This time of year the weather is unpredictable. There is nothing worse than a surprise rain shower in 50 degree weather and having to sit the rest of the day in soaking wet clothes. Depending on game time, tailgates can last anywhere between 3-8 hours which means there is plenty of time for a passing shower. For less than $200 you can have a top of the line, commercial grade shelter that will protect your tailgate for years to come. And lastly, pop up canopy tents provide needed relief from the sun during those long days tailgating. Especially true for southern states where even in November it can still be upward of 80 degrees outside. Being outside for prolonged periods of time without coverage can cause sunburn, dehydration and even heat exhaustion. It is important to protect your skin with some shade, and pop up canopy tents are the best at doing this at tailgates.


As we all proceed into the autumn time of year and with higher than normal temperatures in the northeast, lots of families could discover this elongated summertime an ideal excuse to flee for a weekend escape to the shore. My household vacations in September annually because we now found that it’s a great moment due to nominal audiences, weather that is perfect, and leasing prices that are usually half of what they truly are throughout the summertime. We recently only came back from a week long day at the coast, where we had a blast. Both my kid and wife had significantly more pleasure than ever playing in the sand, along with infrequent R&R that doesn’t come at home. But as a result of the higher than ordinary temperatures, we had to be diligent and aware of just how essential it had been to keep ourselves shielded from prolonged direct sunlight. I am the very first to acknowledge that I am not inclined in regards to fastidiously applying sunscreen. Even though I am aware it is crucial and possibly the most powerful point of shield against the suns most likely unsafe beams, I try to stay on top of applications from the implications of debilitating sunburn. However, as I grow older I start to appreciate that I have been contemplating about this all wrong. A latest analysis demonstrated that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer through the duration of their lifetime. We are living in a ‘right here’ and ‘today’ type of the world. It truly is tough to consider the consequences and effects of something that will not have an immediate effect on our own lives tomorrow or today. Only look in American retirement savings numbers for of affirmation with this notion. However, with a two year-old kid and another on the way, we knew we had to measure our sun-protection game. This season we investigated the best beach tent for sun protection to supply some essential relief from sunlight. We discovered that we could not have left a greater determination on the table.


Once I first started trying to find a beach tent I stumbled around the popular 10×10 canopy tent. As these really are excellent products and designed with user friendly layouts I soon began to understand that they’re thick and bulky and sometimes not practical. While traveling out of the shore house down to the sea, my palms are filled with seats, shovels, towels, luggage, and even toys. Ease of use, affordability and portability had been my standards. I then recalled viewing a half terrace design tent at the beach last summer, and after some quick research accomplished that this really is just what I was trying to find. Weighing in at approximately 7 pounds and folding into a carrying case which isn’t any longer than 3 feet with no wider than 3 inches, they happened to be the ideal blend of handy and mobile. The one that we obtained was $99, roughly half of the purchase price tag on a normal 10×10 pop up canopy tent. After we came to the shore the very first day, I had been astonished at just how straightforward it had been to install straight from this tote. I recall when I was a youngster and would go camping with my parents; the tent was included with sticks and poles we’d have to fit into one another then screw throughout the loopholes just like performing and operation. These brand new beach tents absolutely surpass this design and come equipped pre-assembled with what is known as a central hub system. The hub is the fundamental combined intricate framework system consisting of fiberglass sticks and also come incorporated through the tent straight from the tote. The sunlight protector that we purchased comes with a top pull hub system, however there the others with bottom pull pull or top pull methods. The top pull would be an equivalent motion from that which yanking a bow and arrow will feel like. I put one hand over the hub and pulled on the draw string straight back to my torso with the other hand, which divides the fiber glass sticks in to place and also the beach tent magically appeared upward. It required less than 30 seconds from withdrawing from the tote before it had been fully installed. Anybody with kids will love the easy installation. Conversely, tear down of the unit is just as simple. I simply needed to tug at the sticks under the hub and the tent fell onto itself and then readily wrapped up in to the carrying tote.


Seeing that we will quickly become a family of 4, I wished to ensure we would have enough real estate for each of us along with also our possessions without feeling overrun by materials. I decided having a beach tent that can accommodate 3 – 4 individuals was the best route to go and I would likewise suggest a sizable one even when its only one or two persons. This really is due to the fact that the burden of this tent and durability and also measurements of the carrying tote don’t substantially increase with the larger tent when compared with smaller 1 – 2 person shelters. Additionally, I ensured to buy the one with 3 windows as it allows a slight breeze to penetrate the tent walls from any direction. In addition, I love having scenic viewpoints and did not desire to get restricted to merely looking straight ahead the entire time. We realize that this really is particularly helpful for parents who have toddlers playing around in every direction. Certainly one of my own favorite features in our shore tent is the fact that the floor could be peeled back, letting us place our seats and feet in the sand. I don’t desire to get restricted to using a tarp or polyester cloth to place my chair or feet on. When I am t the shore I would like to be digging my toes into the sand. Perhaps not many tents possess this element, thus I highly suggest that you start looking for it in case it’s as essential for you as it is me.


Last but most certainly not least, I started the post talking about needing to safeguard ourselves from sunlight, so we need some material which satisfactorily blocked those most likely harmful beams. We discovered that the best beach tents present 50+ UPF, which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. All sunlight safety substances are ranked on this particular scale, very similar to sunscreen using SPF, also 50+ will be the maximum evaluation that a material may arrive at obstruct these solar rays. Investing in this sunlight shelter supplied wanted relief and my family felt much better about going to the beach for more than we ordinarily desire and know that our skin and also our children’s skin are guarded. It is the right time for you to start getting in charge of sunlight defense; even though it is maybe not at all something that we understand will probably do severe injury tomorrow or today. The advantage alone tends to make them worth it, and at a very inexpensive cost level it will become a no-brainer. Take a look at our testimonials, purchasing guides and web blogs before purchasing, you will not regret it!